Sarah Paulson Reportedly Not Starring in ‘American Horror Story: 1984’

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Here’s a scary thought for “AHS” fans: Sarah Paulson won’t be one of the stars of “American Horror Story: 1984.”
Sources have told Variety that the Emmy-winning actress doesn’t have a major role in the anthology series’ upcoming ninth season. While Deadline reports that she’ll have a smaller part, it seems she won’t be the presence on the show that fans have been accustomed to it recent years. Paulson started as a recurring character in the debut season of the series, “Murder House,” and has been a regular in every installment since then, often playing multiple characters.
There’s been no comment on the news from either Paulson’s camp or 20th Century Fox Television, the studio behind the show. What we do know for sure, though, is that the actress is very much in demand. Her upcoming FX series “Mrs. America” is currently in production and she’ll star in Ryan Murphy’s Netflix series “Ratched.” Paulson also has multiple film on the way, including “The Goldfinch,” “Abominable,” and “Run.”
Needless to say, many “AHS” fans are shocked to hear she’s out, as their tweets show:

no Jessica Lange, no Evan Peters, and now no Sarah Paulson in the new season for ahs

— ally (@softieally) July 8, 2019

So sarah paulson, Jessica lange, and Evan Peters arent gonna be on ahs 1984?? For the love of God atleast have kathy bates and angela bassett or we gotta cancel the whole season

— hola mf (@realthiccmara) July 8, 2019

Unfortunately, Sarah Paulson will NOT star in this year’s season of AHS!

— AHS UPDATES (@ahs_can) July 8, 2019

everybody say thank you evan peters and sarah paulson for carrying the whole show on their backs till now,,,,,, #ahs

— how to (@getawaywithskam) July 8, 2019

sorry but ahs without sarah paulson is a dishonor to everything fans have left love about the show, esp after losing jessica

— g (@ggggggggggggina) July 8, 2019

if sarah paulson isn’t gonna be in the new season of AHS then why even watch it

— ?? (@briesstark) July 8, 2019

LMAOOOO I’m not watching the new season of AHS anymore!! No Jessica Lange, Evan Peters, or Sarah Paulson? You’ve got to be kidding me

— nyah? (@justinsmelanin) July 8, 2019

no sarah paulson in the new ahs? unacceptable

— lis 57 (@nicosjumpsuitt) July 8, 2019

sarah paulson & even peters aren’t gonna be in the new ahs season and now im BIG sad

— nate (@nate_parris) July 8, 2019

Paulson isn’t the only “AHS” staple to step away from the series this season. Evan Peters shared in April that he would “sit a season out” for the first time. Things are going to be different in “1984.”
“American Horror Story: 1984” premieres Wednesday, Sept. 18 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on FX.
[via: Variety; Deadline]

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