Selling Sunset season 4 release time: When does it drop on Netflix?

Selling Sunset's Christine Quinn teases release of season 4

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Selling Sunset season four sees the return of the elite estate agent team from The Oppenheim Group. The Netflix reality TV show has been a massive hit for the platform, with season four highly anticipated. has all the details on the latest season.

What time will Selling Sunset season four release?

Selling Sunset first premiered in 2019 and has continued to follow the likes of Jason Oppenheim, Chrishell Stause, Mary Fitzgerald and the rest of the team selling luxury property around LA.

Offering viewers a chance to get a glimpse into the estates of LA’s most affluent residents, the show is all about glamour and team drama.

Fans have been left waiting for season four after the third season dropped in August 2022.

However, season four is finally here, with a release date set for November 24, exclusively for Netflix.

The streaming platform typically drops new content at midnight for those on the west coast of the USA, though it has been known for new content to release later than this.

This means fans in the UK should be able to expect the new season to drop at 8am.

New shows and films have been reported to debut at 3am, depending on location, though it is rare for content to air later than this.

For those that don’t want to wait up for the release of season four, they can rest assured it will be waiting for them first thing in the morning.

As is typical for Netflix, the entire season will be available from the launch day.

Fitzgerald herself confirmed the release date for the season, writing on Instagram: “SAVE THE DATE! Wednesday, November 24, catch us back on the big screen for the newest season of SELLING SUNSET! We can’t wait for you guys to see it!”

Not only this, but Netflix confirmed that season five was also in development back in March.

Details on season five are limited, but it was reported back in July that filming was expected to commence in a matter of weeks.

Netflix will likely update fans following the launch of season four.

What will season four be about?

Season four will be business as usual for The Oppenheim Group, again seeing the team convince LA’s finest to buy their vast estates.

However, the team is expanding this time, with Vanessa Villela and Emma Herman joining the group.

Speaking to the RadioTimes back in February, Fitzgerald explained: “We do have a couple of new agents. There’s a chance… we keep trying to tell production and Netflix that we want a couple of the other girls on the show because they’re really good friends of ours.

“They work for The Oppenheim Group and they’re very successful, so I think it would be good to have some new faces. But I don’t know what they’re going to choose.”

Of course, there will definitely be some more drama in store for the team, with the relentless lives of LA’s best estate agents proving to never be dull.

Exactly what will happen remains to be seen, but with the release just around the corner, fans don’t have long to find out.

The future is very bright for the Selling Sunset team, with there even being reports of an upcoming spin-off.

While unconfirmed, reports of a Miami-based show have surfaced, a location that would certainly fit in with the main show’s style.

Selling Sunset season four will premiere on November 24 exclusively on Netflix. 

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