Stacey Solomon transforms her 'gross' carpets by using £30 home dye kit

STACEY Solomon has transformed her "gross" carpets by using a £30 home dye kit.

The Loose Women presenter, 31, took to Instagram to show off her latest nifty home modification.

After putting her three boys to bed Stacey decided that she was fed up with her cream coloured carpets and wanted a change of scenery.

The telly favourite got herself a spray gun and filmed herself spritzing the carpet with some navy dye.

She explained to her 4.1 million followers: "Thought I'd try and dye my carpets. They're so gross and beyond repair… so I thought before I buy new carpet I'd give this a go for £30."

Stacey added: "Even if it comes out awful I've had a lot of fun."

As she continued to video herself spraying the floor, she couldn't help but share her excitement about the process and said: "I do have issues, but how satisfying is this?"

The X Factor star then went onto explain that she plans on doing another coat and deep wash it before it's finally finished.

Some fans couldn't get their head around Stacey trying to transform her cupboard space just before bed.

She shared a message from a fan on her Story that said: "Stace I love ya, dying your carpets at 10.30 at night!"

The DIY queen then took to her front camera and giggled: "I love you all so much. I don't know what possessing me to do these things either if I'm honest…

"Yet here we are. I'm going bed and I'm going to have a look in the morning."

Earlier this afternoon Stacey nicely asked fans not to laugh when she gave them an update on the carpet.

"It is patchy. The outside, great! But I don't know what happened here in the middle.

"If all else fails and the second coat is rubbish, I might just throw a rug in there," she told her followers.

Her latest post comes after she transformed an old prosecco bottle into classy vase, which cost her no money at all.

The mum-of-three, who proudly showed off her stretch marks in a crop top last week, removed the label and soaked it in warm water before spraying it with black spray paint.

When Stacey isn't thinking up new ways to spruce up her pad, she's getting to grips with becoming a new dog mum.

The Swash/Solomon household welcomed an adorable new pooch into their family home last week.

The gang hadn't been able to pick a name when he turned up at their door, but since his arrival last Friday, they've revealed that he goes by the name of Sausage.

Stacey, fiance Joe and her three sons Leighton, Zachary and Rex already share one dog called Theo – a female Pomeranian mix.

The star let her boys pick the pup's name and they decided to go with the name of their favourite footballer, Theo Walcott, who now plays for Southampton.

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