Strictly star Nicola Adams' girlfriend Ella Baig strips naked after insisting she's not 'jealous' of Katya Jones

STRICTLY star Nicola Adams' girlfriend shows why she is not worried about the show's 'curse' as she strips naked.

Ella Baig, 22, is the model girlfriend of the Olympic boxing champ, 37,  and is not worried about losing her love to the Strictly 'curse'.

Nicola is dancing with “smoking hot” professional dance Katya Jones in Strictly’s first same-sex partnership.

But Ella proved that she will always have Nicola's attention as she posed naked early on Sunday morning.

The beauty blogger posted the black and white snap to her Instagram stories, which shows her lying naked on her back.

She simply captioned the steaming pic: "Morning."

Ella followed up the arty pic with a sexy dance wearing a black sports bra and high-rise thong.

She danced sultrily to the camera as she showed off her toned figure.

The model is no stranger to sexy photoshoots and recently posed for a series of steamy snaps.

Wearing a risque, chic red lingerie set, Ella sat seductively on a basin for the photoshoot.

Shot in Mykonos earlier this month, the beauty blogger opted for a nude makeup palette and wore her blonde hair with a slight curl down to her shoulders.

The smouldering pics come as she wishes Nicola and Katya the best of luck on their Strictly journey.

Alongside a pic of her and Nicola on Instagram, Ella wrote: "Me and my boo thang😏."

"Good luck to you and @mrs_katjones in the live shows next week! I know you’ll both smash it🙌🏼."

Her Insta shoutout reinforces she's not worried about the Strictly's curse which has seen couples breakup or cheat with their dance partners during the show.

She told the Sun on Sunday: “I’m not worried about the curse. Nicki and me are best friends so I don’t really see anyone as competition and she doesn’t either.

“We did have a conversation about the ‘curse,’ and we agreed I would meet her dance partner so there are no hard feelings or jealousy there. Once you find someone you genuinely get on with you can walk past the most attractive person in the world and you don’t even know they are there.

“The grass is never greener on the other side and me and Nicki have a lot of history together, so I don’t think anyone is going to steal her off me. I can’t see an issue with my partner being surrounded by attractive female dancers.

“It’s the same when she goes to work on TV and is surrounded by attractive celebrities, or when I model with other girls.

“Temptation is always there but if you’re committed to someone, you’re committed to someone — there’s no such thing as temptation when you’re in love.”

Viewers saw Nicola perform last night with Russian pro Katya, 31.

The double gold medallist told The Sun on Sunday in an exclusive interview: “Katya’s smoking hot, but Ella and I are so strong we will never be a victim of the Strictly curse.

“I’m excited to be partnered with her — and when I saw her we hugged straight away. It was amazing. She’s the best dancer I could have got. She’s competitive, she’s full of energy — it’s perfect.

“She’s a former champion. She’s really creative and is always thinking about new things to try.

“Katya was super excited to be partnered with me. There’s no restrictions for us.”

Katya, at the time married to fellow pro Neil Jones, 38, was caught kissing dance partner Seann Walsh in 2018.

Nicola has already introduced Katya to her girlfriend.

She said: “Ella really liked her and was so excited about us dancing together.

“Ella’s really supportive of me doing the show. The plan was for me to practise at home with her too, but I don’t think I’ll be able to remember the moves she’s supposed to do as well as mine, so it might be a bit confusing and make it even more complicated.

“She thinks it’s great I’m taking on a new challenge. She likes to see me doing things I enjoy, especially as this is more fun than boxing.”

Nicola, who came out aged 13, hopes to inspire youngsters grappling with their own sexuality.

She said: “It’s really exciting for Strictly fans to be seeing two women dancing together. It’s about time they showed some diversity. It shouldn’t be a big deal but it is.

“I want young kids watching the show to think, ‘Oh, wow, that could be me one day’. When I was growing up there were no role models on TV so I wouldn’t have known it was even an option for me.”


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