Successions Jeremy Strong shares skill he uses for key Kendall Roy

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After season three met its climactic finale, HBO streamers have been eagerly awaiting Succession’s season four premiere. Although bosses have yet to announce a release date, Kendall Roy star Jeremy Strong shared a hidden skill he uses for his portrayal. 

For three seasons there has been an intense battle to become CEO of Logan Roy’s (played by Brian Cox) multi-million dollar entertainment business, Waystar Royco. 

His three adult children Kendall (Jeremy Strong), Shiv (Sarah Snook) and Roman (Kieran Culkin) also battled against one another before agreeing to overthrow their father.

However, after discovering their betrayal, Logan cut all three of his children out of the business and promoted Shiv’s husband Tom Wambsgans (Matthew Macfadyen).

With this major realisation, fans have been eagerly anticipating the fallout of Logan’s decision as well as the future of Tom and Shiv’s relationship. 

As viewers await a release update from HBO, actor Jeremy Strong revealed he had a hand in his character’s wardrobe. 

He shared: “I don’t know if it’s a skill or secret, but fashion is a passion … I pick out all the wardrobe for Kendall Roy, my character in Succession. 

“I live in those clothes when we’re shooting the show.”

Speaking to W magazine, Jeremy added: “The clothes maketh the man, and aesthetics are so personal.”

Although productions often hire costume designers, it looks as though the wardrobe planning for his character is a collaborative process. 

Many feared for Kendall’s life after he was found floating face down in the pool during the penultimate episode. 

However, he was quickly rescued by his resourceful assistant Comfrey (Dasha Nekrasova).

As a result, season four could see Kendall sport a new look as many expect the character to be on the road to recovery. 

Kendall had been on a downward spiral after his car crash in season one left a caterer dead during his sister Shiv’s wedding. 

As for Shiv and Tom’s marriage, the couple hasn’t always been on the best terms in their relationship as Shiv undeniably had more power. 

While Tom often humiliated himself in his bid for respect and power within the Roy family. 

His luck dramatically shifted during season three after he informed Logan of his children’s plans. 

As a result, he betrays his wife to help Logan win and earned himself a pat on the shoulder. 

While Shiv witness the moment of approval and gratitude, Tom didn’t know she saw this and walked over to comfort her as she sobbed. 

Though it could end in unrest for the couple, Shiv may also draw nearer to Tom because he is now the closest to Roy and the business. 

Succession seasons 1-3 are available on HBO in the US and on NOW TV in the UK.

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