Tammy Slatons family gobsmacked as fiance drops pregnancy bombshell

1000lb sisters: Caleb drops pregnancy hint

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During the recent episode of 1000lb Sisters, Tammy told her family about her engagement to rehab romance Caleb Willingham, revealing that the big day was only two weeks away. Sister Amy took up Maid of Honor duties, while she and the rest of the family wondered if there was another reason Tammy was rushing down the aisle.

The ninth episode of 1000lb Sisters showed Tammy Slaton and fiance Caleb break the news of their engagement to Tammy’s family.

Despite Tammy’s excitement, her family weren’t too impressed by the news, especially after Tammy revealed the pair’s big day was just around the corner.

As the episode continues, Tammy and Caleb are seen waiting for Tammy’s family to arrive as they prepare to catch up with each other.

Ahead of the family meeting, Caleb was seemingly very nervous as he knows that he will love Tammy’s family, but expresses his worries about them loving him back.

Despite Caleb’s nerves, Tammy makes the situation worse by saying her family are “no Brady Bunch” and calls them unpredictable.

Caleb’s nerves got the better of him and he went into a coughing fit, calling the situation “nerve-wracking”, resulting in him needing to put more oxygen in his trach.

Finally, Chris, Michael, Amy, and Brittany arrive with their babies, Amy hands Tammy her nephew Glenn to hold and feed.

While Tammy is playing with Glenn, Caleb says: “He is too happy to see you, what are you going to do when we have our own?”

In response to Caleb’s comment, the family appeared to be in a state of shock.

The camera panned to Michael, whose jaw was dropped as he glared at Caleb, while Amy paused sorting out Glenn’s baby bag and pulled a shocked facial expression.

The whole family then sat in awkward silence as they blankly stared at the newly engaged couple.

Tammy’s family weren’t the only ones to find the situation awkward, as fans were quick to take to social media to express their opinion on Caleb’s shocking pregnancy bombshell.

One fan @mslawanda wrote: “Michael might not say much but when Caleb said ‘what you gonna do when we have our own baby’ his eyes said what we all thought.”

Another @MelaninQueen029 said: “LMFAOOOO not Caleb asking Tammy what are they gonna do when they have their own baby, all the stares he got.”

@dezireme2 said: “When Caleb said ‘when we have our own’ meaning a baby..the family’s faces.”

A fourth @mstenacious1 commented: “Lmao at how Amy looked when he asked Tammy that”

@cb_yellowjacket added: “Tammy and Caleb need to be able to move around before even thinking about having babies!”

While @NotI_SaidTheCat said: “Everybody’s face when Tammy’s fiancé said ‘What are you gonna do when we have our own (baby)?.”

Adding: “Lmaoooosjsksksksks I know Amanda would’ve lost it.” (sic)

1000-lb Sisters continues on TLC in the US.

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