'Teen Mom' Fans Think Farrah Abraham's Daughter, Sophia, Looks Just Like Farrah's Mother After Using FaceApp

While Farrah Abraham is no longer a part of the Teen Mom crew, we’ll never forget the legacy (and drama) she left in her wake. MTVs fans have been watching Farrah since her first appearance on 16 and Pregnant. And while her parenting tactics and business decisions have come under fire over the years, she still stands with her head held high and maintains she’s a great parent to her 10-year-old daughter, Sophia.

Farrah and Sophia seem like a tight mother-daughter duo, and Farrah even created social media accounts for Sophia so her daughter can also attain some fame. And it seems Sophia’s recent Instagram post of her face aged through FaceApp has many agreeing that she’s starting to look just like Farrah’s infamous mother.

Farrah Abraham has been at odds with her mother, Debra Danielsen, since 16 and Pregnant

If there’s any Teen Mom star with an ultra-complicated relationship with their mother, it’s Farrah. Farrah’s mom, Debra Danielsen, was featured multiple times in the series — but it was typically Farrah’s arguments with her mother that attracted the most attention. And their complicated mother-daughter act had fans wondering what was really going on.

People reports Danielsen was arrested on suspicion of child abuse back in 2010. Farrah was just 18 at the time, and the publication notes TMZ reported Danielsen grabbed her daughter by the throat and hit her. Farrah dropped the charges — but that was just one instance of multiple when Danielsen was accused of abuse. Additionally, Farrah has also been accused of mentally abusing her mother while the two were on Teen Mom — but Farrah usually points back to her troubled childhood with Danielsen as the reason for their volatile relationship.

While Danielsen and Farrah may never have the perfect relationship, Farrah was able to put aside her differences and serve as the maid of honor at Danielsen’s wedding. And it seems since Farrah’s removal from Teen Mom, the two have been able to sustain an amicable relationship.

Sophia has been spending a lot of time with her grandmother, too

There was a period of time when it seemed Danielsen wasn’t seeing much of Sophia. Nowadays, however, Sophia and her grandmother have a loving relationship. Sophia recently spent some time at Danielsen’s home while Farrah was doing work in Dubai, and the two did average, grandmother-granddaughter activities that many have never seen the child partake in before. And fans were absolutely loving seeing Sophia act like a kid.

In this video of Sophia making pudding that Danielsen posted to Instagram, one follower commented, “You’re such a good grandma. We never get to see her doing fun ‘normal’ kid stuff like this when she’s with her mom.” And in this video, another added, “This is something that she should be doing as a child. Just being to be a normal kid. Not jetsetting around the world, no promotional pics, but things she truly loves to do. It’s healthy and good for a child to do things that they’re passionate about without being coerced into doing it.”

Fans think Sophia looks just like Danielsen with FaceApp

Both Farrah and Sophia have used FaceApp to age themselves (as many celebrities are currently doing to keep up with the funny trend). On this post from Sophia, she compares her face now to her face at 80 years old as produced by FaceApp — and her followers are shocked by how much she looks like Danielsen.

“You look like your grandma,” one of Sophia’s followers commented on the post. Another added, “She definitely looks like her Grandma, just a brunette.” Yet another commented, “You look like your grandma Debra, Sophia! You are such a beautiful little girl!”

Many others also believe Sophia looks like her father, Derek Underwood, who sadly passed away before she was born. We’ll have to see how Sophia’s looks keep developing as she gets older to see if any of Farrah’s features come out in the little girl, too.

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