The Chase viewers baffled as contestant mispronounces name of iconic landmark

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    The Chase viewers were left in stitches after a contestant made an "embarrassing" question blunder.

    Host Bradley Walsh was joined by 40-year-old housing officer Joslyn on Wednesday evening's instalment.

    However, things got off to a wobbly start when the Londoner gave a very funny but confusing answer to her cash builder question.

    Bradley asked a question about the name of the tower that leans in Italy, Joslyn left viewer stumped when she answered “leaning tower of pizza.”

    While it’s not known for sure what she said, or intended to say, fans were convinced she said pizza, with some wondering if that should have been allowed.

    “For Focaccias sake, she definitely said pizza,” said one viewer.

    “Did she say "The Tower of Pizza"? I'm sure she said Pizza, which is wrong. #TheChase,” added a second.

    A third said: “Piza? now I'm craving a Pizza!*! #TheChase

    “Did she say pizza?,” penned a fourth.

    Joslyn did make it back to the podium to join her fellow players, however contestant Lizzie was soon sent packing after being caught by chaser Shaun Wallace, aka the dark destroyer.

    But it was player Harsharn that had players rooting him on after he won £5k in the cash builder round but opted for the high offer of £66k.

    Unfortunately, despite a nail-biting finish, he was eventually caught and sent home with nothing.

    “Few tough questions, fair play going high,” said one viewer.

    Another said: “FFS. I was rotting for you Harsharn, we were all rooting for you!”

    A third added: “Going for top offer, 66 Grand. Total Respect.”

    Only two players made it to the final with £9k but failed to make a huge gain in the Q&A.

    Shaun followed behind them and caught them with plenty of time to spare, sending them home with nothing.

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