The Chase viewers horrified as contestant makes Only Fools and Horses error ‘Off you go!’

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Bradley Walsh welcomed Lucy, Marilyn, Mark and Abrar to The Chase this evening as they all hoped to win a jackpot prize. Mark was first up to the podium and he impressed his team mates by winning £9,000 in his cash builder and beating chaser Paul Sinha in the head-to-head. However, Abrar didn’t have as much luck as Mark and struggled with his cash builder.

Things got off to a tough start for Abrar and it looked as though he may not answer any questions correctly.

But it was a question about a game show which left Abrar particularly stumped, with his answer shocking viewers.

“‘Remember all you win is a brand new dustbin’ was a catchphrase of what game show?” Bradley asked.

Clearly uncertain, Abrar replied: “Only Fools and Horses.”

Of course most will know Only Fools and Horses was a comedy series, not a game show.

Unsurprisingly, viewers were quick to take to Twitter to express their outage over Abrar’s answer.

One fan posted: “Only Fools and Horses is a game show?! #TheChase.”

“Has he just called Only Fools And Horses a f**ing quiz show?!! #TheChase,” another added.

A third tweeted: “Anyone who believes only fools and horses is a game show deserves to go home. Off you go! #TheChase.”

Someone else shared: “Ah only fools and horses, my favourite game show #thechase.”

Meanwhile, Marilyn, who won £7,000 in her cash builder round was praised by chaser Paul Sinha.

As he arrived in the studio to face the contestant in the head-to-head round, he exclaimed: “Hello Marilyn!

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“Well the good news is your grandkids are spot on. Granny does know everything.”

Marilyn replied: “Well, not quite but that wasn’t bad.”

“That was very good indeed,” Paul assured her.

Marilyn went on to add her £7,000 to the prize pot and along with contestant Mark, it totalled £16,000.

The pair were the only two who went into the Final Chase and they managed to answer 16 questions correctly.

However it wasn’t enough to take a share of £8,000 home each as Paul quickly caught them.

Marilyn and Mark were sent home with nothing but the memory of playing The Chase.

The Chase airs weekdays on ITV at 5pm.

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