The Secrets She Keeps fans terrified Agatha will murder Meghan’s baby as she visits graves of three dead infants

THE Secrets She Keeps viewers are convinced they've had a horrifying glimpse into a future plotline which will see tormented Agatha murder Meghan's baby.

Fans of the BBC series, based on a novel of the same name, have already witnessed the shelf-stacker pretend to be pregnant – just so she can copy her vlogger idol.

Meghan, meanwhile, was very much expecting and speculation previously centred on Agatha, played by Laura Carmichael, taking her tot from the maternity ward after she had given birth.

This indeed held true as Agatha bundled the newborn into a bag to steal it, and refused to take it back to the ward when it became ill for fear of getting caught.

As such, viewers now believe she will go one step further and murder the child, after scenes showed her standing by the graves of three children.

It is not yet clear the significance of the headstones or cemetary trip, but fans think they've put two and two together.

One took to Twitter to squeal: THE F**KING FAIRY CIRCLE OF BABY GRAVES HOLY S**T."

Another put: "I just flicked last #thesecretsshekeeps does this woman have 3 babies buried in the ground with flower wreaths? What is this?"

One added: "Wait, wait, did she kill HER OTHER BABIES?"

A Secrets She Keeps viewer continued: "So did the doctor have a suspicion the baby was Ben? And did she kill those other three babies?! So many questions! #thesecretsshekeeps," as a final fan then feared: "TheSecretsSheKeeps Oh god – is the baby dead????"

Meanwhile, Agatha actress Laura recently revealed she was desperate to play a psychopath after starring in Downton Abbey.

The 33-year-old actress played Lady Edith Crawley in the hit ITV period drama, but her latest role in the BBC drama couldn't be more different.

Appearing on This Morning last week, Laura told hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield: "It’s funny because at the beginning of last year we started having those conversations about 'what would you really like to do now?'

"And I said 'I’d quite like to play a crazy lady that would be fun. And by the time I landed in London I had the script in my inbox, it was amazing."


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