Tom Cruise flattens an entire field of cows after anti-drone noise causes them to collapse

TOM Cruise’s production team KO’d an entire field of cows after beefing up security while filming Mission: Impossible 7.

Cruise was performing parachute jumps in the Lake District when scrambling devices used to prevent drones interfering made the animals collapse in confusion.

The cattle got zapped as the superstar, 59, who does his own movie stunts, leapt from a chopper four times for his latest outing as action spy Ethan Hunt.

A source explained: “A high frequency noise was used to prevent drones flying near him during the parachute jumps but the tech was very strong and made an entire nearby field of cows fall over.

“Thankfully, they were OK once the scrambling device was switched off.”

While the animals may not be his biggest fans, Cruise continued the charm offensive he has embarked on while filming across the UK.

He thanked some locals “for letting me be in a county of such beauty”.

One who chatted to him with pals said: “We talked about the film and he said he loves parachute jumping, and he’s been hiking here a few times.

"He wasn’t in a rush to get off and treated us like friends.”

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