Train to Busan American Remake Sparks Protest From Fans: Just Leave It Be

The criticism arises after it’s reported that the English language remake of the 2016 hit South Korean movie will be titled ‘Last Train to New York’ with Timo Tjahjanto to serve as director.

AceShowbiz -A “Train to Busan” remake is already seeing an obstacle even before it departs. An attempt to make an English-language version of the 2016 hit South Korean movie has sparked a protest on social media.

After news emerged of new updates from the American remake, which will reportedly be titled “Last Train to New York” and directed by Indonesian filmmaker Timo Tjahjanto, fans voiced their opposition on Twitter, so much that “Train to Busan” has been trending on the platform. They mostly were skeptical that the remake will be as good as the original one and urged people to watch the original version instead.

“Train to Busan is the best zombie movie and it also has a strong message on society it’s too good to get remade just leave it be,” one person reacted to the news. Another tweeted, “anyways go and watch train to busan because it’s a masterpiece and does not need to be remade in another language to be enjoyed.”

A third echoed the sentiment, “Train to Busan does NOT need a remake. Watch the original with subtitles, it was fantastic. Problem solved.” A fourth person argued why a remake is not needed for “Train to Busan”, “But like… Train to Busan is a four year old movie. You can watch it right now. On like multiple streaming services. It’s right there. It is both available and good right now.”

A fifth critic fumed, “Who had the nerve to order this? Train to Busan is already made and already great!” Another slammed the plans to make the reboot, “Train to Busan american remake gonna be the worst movie, like, ever probably.” Someone similarly claimed, “No remake will be able to touch the *chef’s kiss* that the original Train to Busan is. None.”

“I just already hate it,” someone else elaborated, “it’s just that Train to Busan had great story, great characters, and an ending that broke my heart into piece. It was so good and even my family (most of who don’t watch foreign movies besides my mother) loved it! So I don’t understand why we need this?”

Another added, “STOP! Just stop trying to Americanize Asian films that were perfectly fine to begin with. It barely works. People can stream movies now so there’s no real need for them to see this, when Train to Busan is already on Netflix!”

A few, however, think that fans should give the remake and Tjahjanto, who is attached to the project, a chance. “to everyone who’s mad about the Train to Busan remake, I am once again imploring you to watch Timo Tjahjanto’s The Night Comes for Us on Netflix as soon as humanly possible,” one wrote.

Another told the critics, “Some of the best entries in horror are remakes/reinterpretations. Train to Busan is excellent but Timo Tjahjanto has proven himself a visionary who I’m sure has a unique perspective. It’s not about reading subtitles. Most of his films have them. Also, the original still exists.”

According to Deadline, “Last Train to New York” will be scripted by Gary Dauberman. As for Tjahjanto, he is best known for his films “The Night Comes for Us” and “May the Devil Take You“, which both premiered at Fantastic Fest and are available on Netflix. He previously directed “Safe Haven”, a segment on the horror anthology film “V/H/S/2“, “Killers”, “Headshot” and “Portals“.

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