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THE Sugden family have been at the core of drama in the Dales for decades with many of its members coming and going.

But in the early noughties, Darren "Daz" Eden wreaked havoc in Emmerdale. Here's a recap on a troublesome character.

Who was Daz Eden and what happened to him in Emmerdale?

Most commonly known by his nickname to ITV viewers, Daz first rocked up the Dales on October 9, 2003, as Andy Sugden's half-brother.

The pair of men shared a father in the form of Billy Hopwood who hasn't been seen in Emmerdale since 2007.

Daz was initially introduced as a troublemaker with a history of stealing cars.

Strong-willed and ready to take things seriously, he attempted to make amends with community service although his efforts were thwarted.

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He most notably set fire to the local garage after asking Scott Windsor to let him help and being swiftly rejected.

But while he was trying to get on to the straight and narrow, Daz was embroiled in his family's own drama as he discovered that Andy's fiancée Katie Addyman was having an affair with their adoptive brother Robert.

Although threatened into silence, Daz told Andy the truth but this led him to be discredited by the illicit couple and he was sent into care by his own brother.

Katie and Robert eventually confessed to their affair, moving in together and leaving Andy being ostracised by the Sugden family when he accidentally shot his adoptive father Jack after trying to get revenge on Robert.

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Andy held his hands up to Daz during a visit in care, apologising for not believing him and asking him to return to Butler's Farm.

This wouldn't be the first time the lad would get caught up in his brother's business – once he helped Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) with his schemes, Daz was thrown in turmoil again due to Andy's affair with Debbie Dingle.

Cain blackmailed Andy into calling it quits, claiming he'd purposely lead Daz astray, and the hunk obliged, completely unaware a teenaged Debbie was pregnant.

Daz suggested supporting Debbie as she gave birth to her daughter Sarah but had to settle for being friends.

Time went by and Daz eventually got his own dramatic storylines, particularly as he developed a crush for Debbie's friend Jasmine Thomas and was horrified when he found both girls were in a relationship.

Much to the relief of a stressed Diane Sugden who struggled to handle life with teenagers in her home, Daz left the village a first time when his biological mother resurfaced in his life, promising she had changed her ways – but he came back months later.

Upon his return, he reconnected with his long-lost father Billy who had been released from prison shortly before but the reunion developed into chaos when Diane embarked on an affair with Billy.

Taken to hospital following a fire, Billy discharged himself, leaving both the Dales and his son Daz in his rear view mirror.

Daz eventually turned against Andy when he became abusive towards Jo Stiles but amid issues, he found comfort in the form of his adoptive sister Victoria Sugden (Isabel Hodgins).

Despite their mutual feelings for one another, and a secret Christmas kiss, Daz remained in his relationship with Scarlett Nicholls but the truth was finally revealed when the couple caught Victoria in bed with Aaron Livesy.

Victoria had carefully planned everything, ready to make Daz jealous – but this ultimately broke the Sugden family beyond repair.

Daz tried to repair the damage but Aaron and Scarlett wanted to hear none of it.

Aaron told Andy everything about Daz and Victoria's relationship and, disgusted, he threw his brother out, ordering him to leave Emmerdale and never return.

Daz left the village on April 24, 2009, for an unknown destination after one last failed attempt to see Victoria and kept his promise – he has not been seen ever since.


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Who played Daz Eden in Emmerdale?

Daz Eden was portrayed by actor Luke Tittensor from his first appearance until his 2009 exit.

The 33-year-old actor started off his acting career alongside his twin brother Elliott as they shared the role of Carl Gallagher in Shameless.

He then moved on to Emmerdale but his contract was terminated after a six-year-long stint due to a criminal conviction.

Luke went on to appear in Casualty, Holby City and was also part of the Waterloo Road line-up when he played the part of a gay pupil named Connor.

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The former soap star is unrecognisable from his days in the Dales as witnessed by House of The Dragon fans – he stars as Ser Aarryk Cargyll with his twin brother in the role of Ser Erryk Cargyll in the HBO production.

Meanwhile, Emmerdale airs weeknights from 7.30pm on ITV.

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