Where is The Pembrokeshire Murders filmed? Where is Pembrokeshire Murders set?

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The Pembrokeshire Murders premieres tonight (Monday, January 11) at 9pm on ITV with episodes two and three following on Tuesday, January 12 and Wednesday, January 13 at 9pm. The three-part series stars Luke Evans, Keith Allen and David Flynn but where was the gripping series filmed and where is it set? Express.co.uk has everything you need to know about The Pembrokeshire Murders.

Where is The Pembrokeshire Murders set?

The Pembroke Shire Murders on ITV steps inside Operation Ottawa, the cold-case investigation and capture of Welsh serial killer John Cooper (played by Keith Allen) by Dyfed Powys Police.

In 1985, brother and sister Richard and Helen Thomas were shot at their remote mansion near Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire, before the property was set alight.

Four years later in 1989, Peter and Gwenda Dixon were shot dead as they walked along the Pembrokeshire coastal path near Little Haven.

Known as the Bullseye killer, John Cooper evaded police capture for two decades for two double murders in the 1980s until 2006 when newly-promoted Detective Superintendent Steve Wilkins (Luke Evans) re-opened the murder cases.

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The series takes place Pembrokeshire and across Southwest Wales across the 1980s and 2000s.

Reflecting on filming the drama set in Wales, Welsh actor Luke Evans, who portrays Officer Steve Wilkins said: “It’s actually my first time working on a project in Wales so for me, it’s very poignant, and also that it is a Welsh story.

“I got to visit some incredibly beautiful parts of Wales as well which was special.

“It was a joy to come to set and listen to all these beautiful Welsh accents every day. I’ve missed it very much.”

The Pembrokeshire Murders is an adaption of the true-crime book, Catching the Bullseye Killer, written by senior Investigating Officer Steve Wilkins and ITV news journalist Jonathan Hill (David Flynn).

The synopsis for the series reads: “Two unsolved double murders from the 1980s cast a shadow over the work of the Dyfed Powys police force.

“In 2006, newly promoted Detective Superintendent Steve Wilkins decided to reopen both cases.

“Employing pioneering forensic methods, Wilkins and his handpicked team found microscopic DNA and fibres that potentially linked the murders to a string of burglaries committed in the 80s and 90s.

“The perpetrator of those robberies was nearing the end of his prison sentence, but if Steve Wilkins was right, he was also a serial killer…

“Could Steve and his team find enough forensic evidence to charge their suspect before he was released to potentially kill again?”

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Where was The Pembrokeshire Murders filmed?

The Pembrokeshire Murders was filmed on location in Pembrokeshire and Cardiff.

Specific filming locations include Goodwick, Fishguard, Freshwater East and along Pembrokeshire’s coastal path.

Executive Producer Simon Heath explained the filming process to ITV.

He said: “It’s very much a story of its place, so there was never any question that we weren’t going to shoot at least some of the story in Pembrokeshire.

“But because of the window of opportunity we had to film with Luke, we had to shoot at the very start of 2020, when the weather and conditions were likely to be against us.

“Knowing these limits, we shot all the key Pembrokeshire exteriors across a period of three weeks, knowing that we would then come back to Cardiff and its surroundings to do many of the interiors in the drama.”

Filming for the three-part series took place in January 2020, wrapping just two days before the start of Wales first lockdown in March 2020.

The cast and crew returned to the spot where ITV reporter Jonathan Hill interviewed Detective Chief Superintendent Steve Wilkins.

In the interview, Wilkins announced the Welsh police had re-opened the investigation into the murders 13 years later, hoping Steve Cooper would be watching.

Speaking about returning to the spot, Hill said: “I will never forget Steve and I meeting the actors playing us in the drama at the very spot where we had broadcast news of the reinvestigation thirteen-years earlier.

“I hope that the three-part drama is a fitting tribute to the extraordinary lengths the investigation team went to finally get justice for the victims.”

The Pembrokeshire Murders airs Monday 11, Tuesday 12 and Wednesday 13 of January at 9pm on ITV

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