Who is Gray Atkins in EastEnders and does he have a dark side?

Have we found ourselves a new Walford villain in the form of Gray Atkins?

Tonight’s EastEnder’s episode will see him left seething, hinting at a darker side to Toby-Alexander Smith’s character.

So what do we know about Gray so far and have there been any other warning bells?

Who is Gray Atkins in EastEnders?

Gray Atkins is the husband of Chantelle Atkins and father of two young daughters, Mia and Mackenzie Atkins.

He first appeared on the show in March when Chantelle took part in Denise and Kim’s salon competition.

Soon after, they moved into 1 Albert Square.

Does Gray Atkins have a dark side?

Viewers haven’t saw a lot of the solicitor’s personality although some people speculated his character could be far darker than he seems.

Until tonight’s episode, however, there have been few other incidents to actually suggest this.

Viewers will see Gray react badly to Mitch cheating in a 10k race, which will sour the relationship between the two.

What are Gray Atkins upcoming story-lines?

In an interview with Metro.co.uk, Jessica Plummer (Chantelle) and Toby-Alexander Smith alluded to their characters having a big story-line coming up but didn’t reveal what it will be.

Toby-Alexander said: ‘Now, they are just trying to settle into the square, it’s a very new dynamic for both of them.’

Jessica added: ‘Lots of exciting stuff [is coming up]. Loads!’

They also joked about him previously facing up to Phil Mitchell.

That’s a pretty big red flag in our books.

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