Yellowstone season 4: Beth Dutton to kill CEO Caroline Warner? She has no idea

Yellowstone: John Dutton faces off against Checkers

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Yellowstone season four has been airing on The Paramount Network and the upcoming episode is titled Winning or Learning. A teaser for the fourth instalment shows CEO Caroline Warner (played by Jacki Weaver) issuing a warning to Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly). But fans think the businesswoman will get her comeuppance before the end of the season.

Will Beth Dutton kill Caroline Warner in Yellowstone?

The explosive season four premiere laid the foundations for a dramatic instalment full of dark twists.

Newcomer Caroline Warner has been introduced as one of the show’s antagonists and she could be a threat to the Dutton ranch.

A teaser for the upcoming episode shows Caroline giving Beth a tempting ultimatum.

She tells the Dutton daughter: “Behind every milestone of human history stands a monster.

“You want to fight? Let me introduce you to the fight of your life.”

Beth seems to be considering Caroline’s words and may be tempted to join forces with her.

However, at this moment in time, it is not certain who the “monster” is that Caroline is referring to.

Beth could team up with Caroline in order to lull her into a false sense of security.

Then, when Beth has the CEO right where she wants her, she could launch her attack.

Fans have taken to the official Instagram account for Yellowstone to share their thoughts on the upcoming episode.

Tasha_anderson78 said: “The lady CEO really has no clue about Beth Dutton but she will before the season is over. Don’t cross Beth!”

Janine.chasco said: “Maybe she knows too much about Yellowstone.” If Caroline gets too involved with the Duttons, they may be forced to send her to the Train Station.

Linda.strachan warned: “The old lady has no idea.”

Earlnewman1055 said: “She may find herself taking a ride to the train station.”

The show’s creators described Caroline as “a force of nature”, but Beth is equally as dangerous.

The pair are very similar in their ways and fans have predicted a huge personality clash.

They took to the Instagram comments to say how they believed Beth would go “toe to toe” with the business mogul.

The New Market Equities CEO is clearly trying to dig up some dirt on the Duttons.

She may then be able to use this against them as bribery in order to get what she wants.

The CEO could expect Beth to be the one to spill the secrets, but she has made a huge mistake.

Graced121 took to Reddit to share thoughts on Caroline’s character.

They said: “The new President of Market Equities Caroline Weaver, played by Jacki Weaver, reminds me of the grandmother from Little Red Riding Hood.

“Looks sweet, kindly, generous. The character is a total wolf who wants to devour Yellowstone.

“In the preview of upcoming episodes it shows her threatening Beth & telling her she is in the fight of her life.

“This will be fun watching the bigger bear take down the wolf.”

Yellowstone airs on Sundays on The Paramount Network.

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